Cheap Shrink

One of the latest tracks by Lowland (Petri’s trance producer moniker) was kindly adopted by Orkidea, whose upcoming collaborative mix album will include “Cheap Shrink”, an epic oldschooler techtrance track. Originating from a tight rhythmical proof-of-concept technology demo, the epic buildup of the track has existed for more than 12 years, first conceived as a trip hop version in 2000.

Says Petri: “… it was meant to be a demo for one of my notorious forever-in-construction-phase Reaktor patches, but it very quickly took a totally different direction, with the epic buildup I found from an old backup drive – buildup, not a breakdown, in my opinion – and after I heard Orkidea was looking for material for his joint mix album, I sent him a demo. A lot of love was put into that one.”

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