Redlynx/Ubisoft is about to release Trials Fusion, for which Petri composed 19 tracks a while ago. The stylized futuristic soundtrack is entirely electronic, with flavors of EDM combined with aggressive basslines and eerie ambiences. The whole soundtrack will be soon heard in Spotify as well as numerous other stores and streaming services. More news to come, as well as an elaborate insight into the game’s theme song.

Trials Fusion will be released in April 16th for PS4, XBox One, XBox 360 and PC.

One of the latest tracks by Lowland (Petri’s trance producer moniker) was kindly adopted by Orkidea, whose upcoming collaborative mix album will include “Cheap Shrink”, an epic oldschooler techtrance track. Originating from a tight rhythmical proof-of-concept technology demo, the epic buildup of the track has existed for more than 12 years, first conceived as a trip hop version in 2000.

Says Petri: “… it was meant to be a demo for one of my notorious forever-in-construction-phase Reaktor patches, but it very quickly took a totally different direction, with the epic buildup I found from an old backup drive – buildup, not a breakdown, in my opinion – and after I heard Orkidea was looking for material for his joint mix album, I sent him a demo. A lot of love was put into that one.”

The wait is nearly over. Today an official trailer for Imaginaerum By Nightwish was released, see it here: (link to youtube)

Although being such a brief peek into the imaginary world of Stobe Harju and Nightwish, it’s actually quite grabbing. Unfortunately, all the best tricks and profounding revelations were left for the movie itself – but trust me, it’s really worth seeing.

The trailer background music was a composite of three different tracks from the upcoming Imaginaerum The Score album, released just in time before the grand premiere. Order yours here: (link to Nightwish webshop)

Oh, and see you at the premiere, at Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland on 23rd November 2012.

– Petri

Petri’s long term gig with Nightwish’s Imaginaerum movie sound track is about to end soon, and the 7.1 stems have already been uploaded to Canada for a final sound mix.

He opened up his bag of tricks in a recent blog article, posted onto his blog (find it via this link:, and even goes into a super-detailed zoom mode when decribing his process of molding the material into an appropriate form, turning metal into moody and ominous ambiences. Or, transforming a bass player into a demon monk.

An interesting read, even for people with a slightly lower level music technology knowledge. Prepare for a thorough dissecting session with multiple audio (and video) examples.

Petri’s work can be soon heard in few projects released later this year by Supercell. This time, the first in line, there’s quite something else under the loupe: funny little dudes. With their guns. And some bigger guns. And then some, with an epic theme that sits in your head forever, right after the first hearing.

Something else might be on its way as well. We’ll update this when the time comes.

Meanwhile, check out their Battle Buddies facebook page and join the troops.

Petri has composed some chiptune/tracker music for Redlynx’s MotoHeroz, including the epic trailer soundtrack heard on Redlynx’s MotoHeroz site. This time, taking some distance to his normal tools, the music was created solely on a MilkyTracker application, running in Macintosh. Petri’s clever usage of his own custom samples allowed him to breathe some new air under the wheels of pixel cars.

Release date: soon

Petri’s been working on a movie score since June 2011. The movie is based on a script by Stobe Harju (who’s also directing the film) and Mikko Rautalahti, and is based on a yet unreleased album by Nightwish, under a work title “Imaginarium”.

What’s really interesting is the fact that Petri’s using Nightwish’s raw album multitrack data as his building blocks, taking sound design and audio manipulation onto a totally another level using methods and a toolset one would normally employ for a scifi movie. According to Petri, he’s trying his best to keep the score “as acoustic as possible”, even though some sections and instrument groups are definitely going to be mangled beyond recognition.

“It’s not going to be just a bunch of ‘remixes’ of Nightwish’s songs”, Petri adds, “instead, they’re rather a quite serious set of careful reinterpretations based on their brilliant songs and orchestrator Pip Williams’s magnificent work.” The movie premiere will be held in 2012.

More info: soon.