“…It is not often that a composer is able to reshape the listener’s esoteric view of a story and with an unabashed, beautiful clarity using simple but staggering melodies. Remedy Entertainment better know how lucky they are to have made this choice because Petri Alanko has certainly backed them up.” – Gideon Dabi

“…While its restraint and patience may bother those who are unused to subtlety in game scoring, ALAN WAKE is one of the most tasteful and stirring offerings in recent memory and merits every bit of the attention it’s been getting.”

“If you’re privileged to listen Petri Alanko’s finest music, with a proper audio system and your window blinders shut, prepare yourself with a handkerchief or a pill of nitro. I have never met a person so dedicated to his work through his emotion. The emotion can be heard when listening to any of his beautiful tracks, which, I might add, make you cry tears of joy or sorrow every single time.”