A bunch of reviews

Gamescares.com: “The volumetric fog, light, amazing sound design and of course the absolutely incredible soundtrack Petri Alanko has composed for that game, really does bring together an incredibly eerie feeling.”

HDRoom.com: “Remedy is really pushing surround use and LFE (bass) response to build tension and create fear as new “phenomena” are discovered, while the score by Petri Alanko is appropriately spooky. Those of you with a 5.1 system and a decent subwoofer will greatly benefit.”

Jeff Talks Games: “Petri Alanko, who composed the score, deserves some serious praise for being able to set the mood and tone of the game. There were times I realized I was sitting on the edge of my couch even though there was nothing going on with regards to action – it was all based on the music.”

Juegosdb.com: “(In Googlish:) On the other hand, the game’s soundtrack is provided by Petri Alanko. This multifaceted creative is driven by a variety of genres throughout his career: Alanko compositions created for Alan Wake (emphasizing the main line) are of astonishing quality. Without any doubt, worth checking out the career of this unknown composer, to realize that there are true geniuses in every corner of the planet.” (check the original article in Spanish)

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